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About Us

We at "Air Duct Cleaning Vallejo" are always ready to clean and repair any kind of duct for any kind of HVAC system. Our company uses modern cleaning methods and equipment as well as effective and safe sanitizing materials. Among our services we also offer indoor air quality testing, in order to determine if you are breathing the clean and healthy air you should be breathing. If not – we step in. Our equipment can get to any possible turn and corner in your ducts, making sure any sign of contaminant will be gone in seconds. Let us help you and your family breathe cleaner, healthier air today.

About our company in California

Comprehensive Solutions from Experienced Air Duct Cleaners

Whether you require cleaning as part of regular HVAC maintenance, or you have discovered that there is too much dust in your house and you want a quick solution, we are readily available to help. It is our commitment to assist customers within the shortest time.

Our service extends well beyond the removal of dust, dirt and microbes from the surfaces of the ductwork. These surfaces are also sanitized to eliminate fungi spores and bacteria, and to prevent future growth. In order to improve air quality to the highest possible level, our technicians will also clean the any component of the system that tend to capture dust and dirt. We replace air duct filters when required. Our team uses tools, materials and replacement components that are hand-picked for their quality. That is why you can count on excellent, long lasting results.

In some cases, cleaning just isn't enough. If the duct is cracked, it will get dirty again in no time. Seal damage and other issues can reduce the efficiency of the entire system and increase the risk of dust and dirt accumulation in the future. That is why our service also includes professional air duct repair.

Cleaning a dryer vent is not as trivial as it sounds, so if you want to make sure your dryer is as effective as it can get, count on us for the job. Our company works with absolutely all types of appliances regardless of their design, brand or age. Our service includes inspection of the component as well. If it is damaged, our technician will repair it straight away. When the component is extensively worn or damaged beyond repair, it will be replaced with a new one that has matching specifications.

Give us a call today for more details on how we can help you breathe healthier, or leave us a message online with your questions!

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