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8 Air Duct Cleaning tips straight from the professionals

Having some knowledge on the importance of cleaning and maintaining your ducts can help you get it done right. So, we at "Air Duct Cleaning Vallejo" gathered all the information you need to know in order to enjoy a healthier environment in your home. Our company has been providing professional cleaning, repair and maintenance services for years, so you can be rest assured no question will be left unanswered!

It is important to clean your duct regularly and professionally

Ventilation systems do a lot of work to filter the air in your home, because of this they tend to pick up a lot of residue and debris from the dust and dirt over time. This debris can hamper your vent’s performance, and can even spread the particles it was meant to filter, all over the house. Because of this, it is important to enlist in regular and professional air duct cleaning.

Every type of duct needs to be cleaned

It often gets asked whether or not all kinds of vents need cleaning, and there are additions like UV filters which are supposed to take care of that. The thing is that a dirty vent needs cleaning no matter what kind it is. Since they filter the air in your living space, it is unavoidable that they will get clogged at some point. That is why no matter what kind you have, it will most certainly need regular cleaning to work properly.

Perform an annual vent cleaning

For most standard residential systems, air vent cleaning only needs to be conducted once a year, so long as it is done professionally and thoroughly. However in some cases, the air indoors struggles more with dust, pet fur, cigarette smoke or dampness, in which case the ducts are likely going to get dirty much sooner. In these cases, cleaning twice a year might be necessary.

Make sure to replace your air vent filter

Air vent filters need replacing from time to time because they are the first line when it comes to catching the contaminants. They get extremely dirty very quickly, and can end up hampering the performance of your vent or spreading contaminants around the home. Because of this it can be necessary to need to change them as often as once every month, but in less extreme cases it probably wouldn’t be as often as that.

Check the air quality indoors

When we talk about the levels of contaminants in the air of your living space, we often refer to it as indoor air quality. This should be tested fairly regularly in your home by a professional, to determine whether or not your ventilation system is working as it should. If the quality is low, it could point to a broken seal or another cause for a leak. It could mean that your air filters need changing, or it could just mean that the air duct is due a good cleaning.

Enjoy the benefits of having clean ducts

Fresh air helps with living a fresh life, especially if it is the air in your home. When vents get too dirty they become bogged down with debris form dust which can end up circulating, as particles do, through your home. Besides that there is the very real danger of mold, which if developed in your vents can spread spores around your home. Causing fungal infections and allergies you would rather be without. And that is why air duct cleaning is important.

Cleaner vents make for lower power costs

When an air vent becomes too clogged up with dirt and debris it can cause blockages. These blockages don’t need to be very big to cause your systems to be ineffective. This means that your ducts will have to work a lot harder to perform as expected, and as you crank up the power, so the bills will rise. So if your electric bills are unusually high, there is a chance that after some air vent cleaning your system will perform better, and your bills lower accordingly.

When it is time to clean your ducts, hire a professional

DIY works for a lot of things, but it’s not really something that can be done with air duct cleaning. Unless you are pedantic, have the skills and expensive and specialized equipment it takes to clean a vent without causing more damage, then you’re likely not going to do it properly. The thing is that duct cleaning needs to be done properly. The more contaminants that are left behind, the quicker dirt will build up and spread again, and the clean will have been for nothing. So having a professional do it for you is a much better idea.

Do not use a vacuum for cleaning air conditioners and electric heaters

Even though this may seem an effective solution, it can actually cause damage. Our technicians explain that a powerful vacuum may suck up buttons and change the position or damage small internal components. The exteriors of these units have to be cleaned with dry or damp pieces of lint-free cloth.

Regular dryer duct cleaning is essential for keeping the risk of house fire low

The air duct takes the hot air released by the dryer outside. At the same time, lint which is carried by the air is accumulated on its walls. If the duct gets completely blocked with lint, the hot exhaust air will be under great pressure and may cause fire. With regular cleaning, you will be able to prevent this.

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